While not required, Ghostscript adds the following capabilities to Emacs Speaks NONMEM:

  • Printing
  • Integration with Xpose to create rtf documents

Ghostscript is usually installed by default on Unix based machines, and can be installed on windows machines as well as Mac OS X machines.

GSView allows you to view postscript files on windows and other operating systems. On a Mac and UNIX machine, this utility is redundant: other utilities perform the same task.

Windows Install


By installing ghostscript, you alllow Emacs to print using its standard interface. However, if you use EmacsW32 and enable quick-print this is not needed.

If you choose to download ghostscript, the process for installation is as follows:

Open the file:

Click on setup, and accept or change the default locations:

To really harness the power of Ghostscript in Windows, it is useful to install GSView


Open the installer file:

After pressing setup, go through the next few screens:

You may choose to associate gsview with postscript files (.eps and .ps) and even .pdf files. However, by associating GSview with .pdf files, Acrobat and Acrobat reader will no longer open pdf files by default.

After selecting the associations made, select the default directory where GSview will be installed:

Describe where the installation's program files will be located. Additionally choose if this is installed for all users or just the current user.

Then install:

Mac OSX install

This will allow viewing of postscript files and even conversion to pdf files.